GIS Integration

We provide GIS tools which integrate seamlessly in you applications

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are becoming a part of mainstream business and management operations around the world in organizations as diverse as cities, state government, utilities, telecommunications, railroads, civil engineering, petroleum exploration, retailing, etc. in private and public sectors. This array of institutional types is integrating GIS into their daily operations, and the applications associated with these systems are equally broad from infrastructure management, to vehicle routing, to site selection, to research and analysis. By integrating geographic science into everything we do, GIS is improving how we measure and analyze things, as well as how we predict the future. It is also providing better ways to plan, design, and make decisions.

We are involved in geographic data acquisition, analysis, organization and management for effective planning and informed decision-making. We provide GIS integration services into your native applications and websites.

Why choose us ?

  • Gis integration in Web Apps
  • Map overlay services
  • Reporting services