About Us

Mission Statement

We at IMMO Infotech firmly believe that one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work in today’s dynamic digital scenario. Every business is different, so are the requirements. Hence we strive to package our software solutions in a way that increases operational efficiencies and takes businesses ahead on the path of growth.

Our Vision

Our vision is based on progress. We seek to achieve incremental growth as a leading software company and rise to the top of the success ladder. It is only when we get the right mix of strategy and creativity that we can concoct IT solutions that work best for businesses. We aim to keep ourselves up-to-date with the latest technologies so that we prove relevant to our vast and ever-growing skill set.


Established in 2005, IMMO Infotech emerged with the aim to provide IT services to IAZI ( www.iazi.ch ), its parent company. It did not take us long to expand our expertise from real estate to specialised IT services, which we have designed to meet the specific needs of businesses operating in a competitive digital world.

Why Choose Us

  • Tailored Packages

    Different solutions with respect to industry and best technology. Client can choose what suites him the best or let our experts decide it for the clients.

  • Robust and Reliable

    Our software is designed to fit in with how you work. The most important part of software we develop is that it works and keeps working.

  • Predictable costs

    Predictable costing model which suites the client requirements.

  • Availability

    Availability of manpower round the clock , 365 days a year.

  • Deadline

    Come what may , we do not miss deadlines.

  • Data Secrecy & Security

    We are professionals in handling the data secrecy part while developing solutions. Security is at the forefront while we develop software.

Meet Our Team

Sudesh Mehta

CEO & Partner

Gaurish Abhisheki

COO & Director

Nimish Shikerkar

CIO & Director

Deepti Nair

Team Leader
(Web Development)

Prayut Parsekar

Team Leader
(Data Management)

Robinson Pires

Team Leader
(App Development)

Rakesh Poduval

Team Leader
(Data Science)