Web Services

Secure and seamless data transfer data between your business applications

IMMO Infotech web services enable smooth and safe communication for businesses whether it be internal or external. It is vital for businesses to have the tools to transfer and exchange information fluidly to enhance operational efficiency.

However, the issue is that many businesses do not have a single, comprehensive platform where data can be stored and transferred. This forces businesses to resort to the use of multiple applications that function in different ways, which understandably, complicates communication. This further causes confusion and affects productivity.

With IMMO Infotech web services, the barriers of OS, platform and language disappear, and businesses can now communicate better within, as well as with clients and partners.

Why choose IMMO Infotech Web Services ?

  • Unique Security Model
  • Authentication service
  • Service hosting framework
  • Migration of existing services

Our team of experts expose the functionality of your business’s expertise over the network, enabling integration with other applications. Not only is web services a great way to improve functionality, but it also minimises cost.